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How to save for your child’s future can be a very important decision.
Whilst there are many options available, the new
Junior ISA offers a tax free cash savings account for children.

They work pretty much like many of the regular
Childrens Savings Accounts except that the funds are locked away until the child becomes and adult (18 years old).
Once the child reaches 18, the account then automatically switches to a regular ISA account and they will have full access to the funds.

However, the most common type of JISA (Junior Individual Savings Account) is an Investment Junior ISA (also known as a
Stocks and Shares Junior ISA).
These are offered by many different companies and organisations including fund markets, financial planning companies and mutual friendly societies.

There are many different types of Junior ISAs available including:

  • Stakeholder Junior ISA
  • With Profits Junior ISA
  • Stocks and Shares Junior ISA
  • Ethical Junior ISA
  • Actively Managed Junior ISA
  • Shariah Junior ISA
  • Dependent upon who are your Junior ISA Providers, yours savings are invested in many different funds and as with all investments for children, the value can go down as well as up.

    The Childrens ISA Ltd are one of the UK’s leading Junior ISA Providers and offer a great choice of
    Children’s ISAs for all different types of savers from both the low risk, low maintenance Junior ISA right through to an Actively Managed Junior ISA. They are also one of the only providers to offer a Shariah compliant Junior ISA.

    If your looking for an adult cash isa then please visit fixed rate isa where they compare many of the
    best fixed rate cash isa accounts from a wide range of UK investment providers.